Facts about the Fear of Needles

Facts about the Fear of Needles - Definition
This article contains facts and information about Needles. What exactly are Fear and Phobias? What is fear? What is a phobia? What is the difference between fears and phobias?

Definition: The Phobia and Fear of Needles is known as belonephobia, it is defined as an irrational, extreme and intense anxiety of needles. This can mean either being pricked by a sewing needle, injections or hypodermic needles.
The following information details some very important facts, advise and help about the meaning, symptoms and causes of this phobia. There is also valuable information about the help and treatment available to assist in overcoming, curing and conquering this fear.

Facts about the Fear of Needles

Phobia and Fear of Needles - Alternative Name
The alternative name for Phobia and Fear of Needles is as follows:

  • Aichmophobia, which is a fear of sharp or pointed objects.

Causes of the Phobia and Fear of Needles
What exactly are the causes of the Phobia and Fear of Needles?
Children are often fearful of needles. For some people, their fear is triggered during childhood, for example, an injection at school or at the dentist.
Some people suffer from belonephobia as needles have been strongly associated and implicated in the transmission of AIDS.

Effects and Symptoms of the Phobia and Fear of Needles
People suffering from belonephobia may feel very upset, frightened, terrified, even petrified of needles. For some, their dread can be so extreme that they will avoid needles completely. This can be detrimental to their health as occasionally they can be necessary, for example, needles can play a vital part in a medical examination. Some phobics will suffer panic attacks when they are confronted with a needle, this could be at locations such as their GP, hospital, school or dentist. The individual may experience heart palpitations, shortness of breath, sweating, trembling, shaking, nausea or feelings of dizziness. When faced with a needle, those who suffer to the extreme may scream or faint.

Phobia and Fear of Needles - Therapy / Remedies / Cures / Self Help
What is used as a therapy, treatment, remedy, cure or self-help ideas for Phobia and Fear of Needles? The following info is not a substitute for a medical assessment or diagnostic procedure, but serves as a useful guide to help focus future discussions. If you are a sufferer of belonephobia, it is always wise to advise your medical practitioner, doctor or dentist before receiving treatment from them as they can make the conditions more comfortable for you. Remember that they will have dealt with other individuals with the same anxieties before so they will be able to advise you and make you feel relaxed. They will probably ask you to look away in order to keep the needle out of site. Exposure therapy is often successful in treating this particular phobia as the individual will be slowly introduced to the feared circumstances involving needles. Exposure therapy can help an individual to overcome and conquer this phobia as it will train them to relax and feel comfortable enough to receive the necessary procedure. There are a range of treatments and therapies available to those suffering from fears and phobias. Although, the causes of fears are not fully understood, the symptoms that individuals experience can be successfully treated. Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, counselling, professional advice, drugs and medications often successfully manage to ease the symptoms for many sufferers, providing immense relief and making their fears far more manageable. Behavioural therapy has proved to be a great success in many cases. There are various self-help books available in stores and online. For more information about the different types of treatments available and also, how to cure panic attacks, refer to the relevant links on the home page. To summarize, the Phobia and Fear of Needles Treatment / Remedies / Self Help may include the following:

  • Behavior Therapy

  • Psychotherapy

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Counselling

  • Professional Advice

  • Drugs and Medications

Treatment for Phobia and Fear of Needles
The sole purpose of the article on the Phobia and Fear of Needles is to act as a reference guide to provide useful information regarding this anxiety. It is not intended to be used to as a substitute for obtaining professional medical advice. Please remember that if you are in any doubt about your health please consult your medical practitioner immediately.

Professional Treatment and Therapy for Phobia and Fear of Needles - When to seek help
Most fears and phobias, including the Phobia and Fear of Needles, are not serious especially if they do not seriously impact your normal daily life. But if your Phobia and Fear of Needles results in avoiding situations on a regular basis preventing you from functioning or enjoying life you should consider seeking medical advice. You should also consult your medical practitioner or or doctor if your fear or phobia of Needles is intense and disabling causing anxiety, distress and panic and if you have been suffering for more than six months. If you experience any physical symptoms such as fainting, chest pains, blurred vision or palpitations see you medical or health practitioner as soon as possible to eliminate any serious medical condition.

Phobia and Fear of Needles
We hope that the information provided in the article on Phobia and Fear of Needles will be of help. Understanding more about your Phobia and Fear of Needles is the first step to overcoming your anxiety.

Phobia and Fear of Needles

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Facts about the Fear of Needles

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