Facts about the Fear of Leaving The House

Facts about the Fear of Leaving The House - Definition
This article contains facts and information about Leaving The House. What exactly are Fear and Phobias? What is fear? What is a phobia? What is the difference between fears and phobias.

Definition: The Phobia and Fear of Leaving The House is defined as an extreme dread and intense anxiety of leaving the House. The word agoraphobia is derived from the Greek word 'agora', which means place of assembly or market place. This phobia is recognised in many languages. For example, in German it is referred to as platzangst, in Spanish it is agorafobia, and in French it is peur des espaces.

If you or anybody that you know is suffering from agoraphobia, the following information can be very beneficial. There is vital guidance, facts and advice about this phobia, as well as information about the different types of treatment and therapy available to assist in overcoming this irrational, and potentially devastating anxiety disorder.

Facts about the Fear of Leaving The House

Phobia and Fear of Leaving The House - Agoraphobia Explained
The fear of leaving the house is known as agoraphobia. This phobia can be devastating as it can be disabling to an individual; leading them to live isolated and solitary lives. This phobia is thought to affect more women than men, as statistics show that around 80 percent of agoraphobics who seek treatment are female. Agoraphobia seems to mainly effect adults, and the symptoms usually start between 18 to 35 years of age. This complex anxiety disorder doesn't usually occur during childhood, however, incidences or childhood fears can be a trigger. This is discussed in more detail in the section entitled causes. This intense anxiety disorder can effect relationships with partners, children, other family members and friends. It can be very distressing and difficult to cope with, as it can be extremely destructive and limiting to a person's life.

Causes of the Phobia and Fear of Leaving The House
What exactly are the causes of the Phobia and Fear of Leaving The House?
It is estimated that half of people suffering from panic attacks will become agoraphobic. This anxiety disorder often consists of a combination of fears such as; streets, claustrophobia, bridges, public transport, crowds, tunnels and open spaces. Phobic individuals often feel anxious about certain situations or public places. Their fears tend to grow until eventually they gain a fear of fear. Their extreme anxiety can therefore result in agoraphobia as they will totally avoid the feared situation. This can confine them to their own homes where they will feel safer and more secure; away from any potential dangers. For some individuals, experiencing a panic attack in a certain place or situation, can be enough to make them avoid the same place or situation in future. For example, if their panic first occurs whilst they are travelling on a bus, they may avoid using public transport again in fear of experiencing another anxiety attack. In some agoraphobic cases, the initial trigger might have been caused by an unexpected bereavement or traumatic event. For many, however, this fear is not triggered in the same way. This is evident as many agoraphobics who suffer from panic disorder, cannot recall their first bout of panic attacks. Stress can play a big part in feelings of panic and anxiety. Children are generally not effected by agoraphobia, however, the fears that they may experience during childhood, can become a trigger of agoraphobia later on in life. For example, school phobia or separation anxiety. Some children feel overprotected by their parents, and they may have been made to feel that home was the only safe place for them. It is thought that dependency can be a major factor in agoraphobia. Agoraphobia tends to effect shy and timid people who perhaps lack in self-confidence, or have low self-esteem.

Effects and Symptoms of the Phobia and Fear of Leaving The House
Many agoraphobics feel embarrassed about their anxiety, and feel afraid to discuss their problems as they fear that other people will find their behaviour strange, weird and abnormal. They generally feel helpless, frightened, nervous, uncomfortable, weak and uneasy. They feel distressed and upset by the intense anxiety and dread that they endure. Sometimes they experience depression and a sense of doom. Many will suffer panic attacks, or from panic disorder. Their symptoms can be very unpleasant and difficult for them to cope and deal with. The symptoms of an anxiety attack usually include feeling dizzy, light headed, faint, sick, nauseas, blurred vision, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, increased heart rate and excessive perspiration. Some agoraphobics think they are experiencing a heart attack, or that they are dying. They sometimes have a sense of loss of control, or even that they are going mad.

Phobia and Fear of Leaving The House - Therapy / Remedies / Cures / Self Help
What is used as a therapy, treatment, remedy, cure or self-help ideas for Phobia and Fear of Leaving The House? The following info is not a substitute for a medical assessment or diagnostic procedure, but serves as a useful guide to help focus future discussions. People seek treatment for this phobia more so than any other. Many people suffering from agoraphobia do not seek treatment until approximately 10 years after their panic symptoms began. Research shows that if agoraphobia is left untreated, the disorder will become increasingly worse. Medicines and drugs can treat panic attacks, however, they are not as effective when dealing with agoraphobia. Behaviour and exposure therapies can be immensely effective. There are many fantastic and successful treatments and therapies available to those suffering from agoraphobia. There is no need to suffer alone. If you are experiencing agoraphobia, it is wise to speak to your medical practitioner or doctor who can advise you accordingly. Your doctor will be very sympathetic and understanding of your situation, and can advise you of the treatment options available. They may include psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, counselling, professional advice, support groups, drugs or medications, which can provide immense relief and make your fears far more manageable, and your life much easier and more enjoyable. There are many self-help books available in stores and online. If you require more information about the different types of treatments and therapies available, as well as how to deal with panic attacks, refer to the relevant links on the home page. To summarize, the Phobia and Fear of Leaving The House Treatment / Remedies / Self Help may include the following:

  • Behavior Therapy (Exposure Therapy in particular)

  • Psychotherapy

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Counselling

  • Professional Advice

  • Drugs and Medications

Treatment for Phobia and Fear of Leaving The House
The sole purpose of the article on the Phobia and Fear of Leaving The House is to act as a reference guide to provide useful information regarding this anxiety. It is not intended to be used to as a substitute for obtaining professional medical advice. Please remember that if you are in any doubt about your health please consult your medical practitioner immediately.

Professional Treatment and Therapy for Phobia and Fear of Leaving The House - When to seek help
Most fears and phobias, including the Phobia and Fear of Leaving The House, are not serious especially if they do not seriously impact your normal daily life. But if your Phobia and Fear of Leaving The House results in avoiding situations on a regular basis preventing you from functioning or enjoying life you should consider seeking medical advice. You should also consult your medical practitioner or or doctor if your fear or phobia of Leaving The House is intense and disabling causing anxiety, distress and panic and if you have been suffering for more than six months. If you experience any physical symptoms such as fainting, chest pains, blurred vision or palpitations see you medical or health practitioner as soon as possible to eliminate any serious medical condition.

Phobia and Fear of Leaving The House
We hope that the information provided in the article on Phobia and Fear of Leaving The House will be of help. Understanding more about your Phobia and Fear of Leaving The House is the first step to overcoming your anxiety.

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Facts about the Fear of Leaving The House

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